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Sgt. Pepper
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4:20, [adult swim], abandoned buildings, abandoned hearts club, adderall, adventures, aesop rock, air, alex jones, all types of music, ambient, anti-drugwar, anti-myspace, anti-racism, anti-war, aqua teen hunger force, art, asian culture, asshole parade, athf, bada bing, barefeet, beatles, beer, being spontaneous, billards, binary star, black and white photography, bleeding kansas, blonde redhead, blunts, breather resist, brother ali, cannabis, classical music, coach mcguirk, coffee, college, conspiracy theories, construction sites, cornelius, cosmos, counter-culture, cuddling, dennys, diner food, diners, discovering new music, do make say think, donnie darko, dreams, driving, drugs, dumpster diving, dxm, encrypt manuscript, experimental, found magazine, fuck the facts, fucked up, gas stations, getting lost on purpose, gmail, graffiti, green party, grilledcheese, grind, grindviolence, groovesalad, hash, hbo, hewhocorrupts, hiking, home movies, hookah, hot cross, hotboxing, i-215, indie films, infest, infiltration, japan, kyds vs columbus, las vegas, las vegas graffiti, lemongrass, life, long drives, magrudergrind, medical marijuana, mr show, music, new york city, not you, ofapm.com, off minor, parks, people watching, perculators, photography, phx, pot, pride fighting, reading, red wine, road trips, rock climbing, roor, scams, science channel, sealab, sealab 2021, shikari, shows, sitting around getting blazed, sleeping on strangers floors, smoke shops, smoking weed, social engineering, somafm, sopranos, staying up all night, stereolab, stoners, storm drains, strangers, sub-cultures, subcultures, sunrises, surrealism, the usaisamonster, the#12lookslikeyou, thrash, thunderstorms, traveling, trip hop, tristezza, true crime, trying new things, underground hiphop, universe, unlv, urban adventures, urban exploration, urban exploring, usurp synapse, vaporizers, wake and bakes, weed, zion i